Kamis, 15 Juni 2017

TRAVELOGUE : Goes to Lombang Beach, Madura

The sun shines bright through the windowpane on our car. I and my family were in Sumenep at that time. My cousin, Silvi, asked me and my family to visit a one of popular beach there. She didn’t give the information about what beach that we would to explore before, but she said that the beach has something different from the other beach in Madura doesn’t have. I was so curious about the phenomena on that beach at that time because as we knew that Madura Island is surrounded by the sea. SLR Camera was already provided by her so we could take some photos and capture the moment of our togetherness there. We reached the forest to go through that beach which is about 27 kilometer from the city. Our trip was taken for at least 40 minutes from my cousin’s house in Sumenep. But, our car stopped in the hall of house which its terrace is fulfilled by the sand. So, I and My family visited that house before went to that beach. The householder allowed us to stepping on the sand. Wow! The texture of its sand was smooth. The householder said that his family often slept by using the sand. It could keep our health also. Silvi’s husband, Arianto, explained us that the householder is his uncle. The householder told us that we can go to that beach by walk through behind the coconut tree. We followed the directions. The sound of waves was already heard and ... WOW! Finally, we find out that paradise! In the gate explained the name of that beach, L-O-M-B-A-N-G. Yeah, we arrived in Lombang Beach! For additional information, I and my family didn’t need to pay to enter that beach because the householder of the smooth sand is managed this beach and he gave better treatment for us than the other visitor. So, I feel more excited to enjoy my vacation in this beach. I played with the wavelet and enjoy the breeze. Like another beach visitor, I also made a castle from the sand. The other facility that we founded there is the visitor could do horseback riding. But, there were only gees, I mean small horse at that time. So, I and my family couldn’t ride the horse. Then, we captured the moment by taking selfie. Suddenly the weather was changed. The cloud was dark and the rain was falling. I and my family took shelter in the stand near the beach. We bought rujak and degan ice. The other visitors came from out of this city. Yeah, it was unusual because this beach is so interesting. Furthermore, we got better facilities there which made us enjoy our vacation. I think spend my holiday there was the right choice and that was my best vacation I ever had.

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