Kamis, 15 Juni 2017

TRAVEL GUIDE : What to See in Lombang Beach, Madura

Some people are still unfamiliar with the beach in Madura, East Java. Although Madura Island is surrounded by sea, it does not mean Madura only has one beach. The one of beautiful beach in Madura is Lombang Beach which located in Sumenep Regency. Lombang Beach has the distance of at least 25 kilometer. Lombang Beach is a popular beach in Madura and has the characteristic itself.

The Panorama
            Lombang beach has white smooth sand. The sea has blue color and it seems limpid. The visitors can swim in the Lombang Beach. Specifically, Lombang beach has many pine trees at the seaside. Sometimes, the visitors take shelter under the tree to enjoy the beautiful panorama.

The Facilities
            Lombang beach has bathroom for the visitor and the stand which located near the gate of Lombang beach. The visitor can enjoy the panorama around the beach by riding horse which have provided in Lombang Beach.

How to Access

            From Sumenep Region, the visitors can catch the beach by going through at least 27 kilometer. Lombang beach can catch by using car, motorcycle, or public transportation. The ticket of enter Lombang Beach is 7000 IDR/person. Then, the visitors can enjoy the panorama.

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