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JOURNALISM : Online Shop as Business for College Student

Online Shop as Alternative Business for College Student

Written by : Lasya Febrina Fitri (140511100078)

            Online shop, which people called as Olshop becomes trending topic for woman, especially for students. Actually, it helps students especially to get some money while they need to spend much money for pay off their study. Here, the journalists met a girl from University of Trunojoyo Madura who created her own online shop.

Miss Susan with her product
            Miss Susan, for example. She sells the kind of beauty product which she called as Cream KLT. Cream KLT is from Kalimantan. Cream KLT is a white cream which makes face shine bright in around of 7 – 14 days.
She starts her business when she studied at University of Trunojoyo Madura on 3rd semester and it occurs as one year. She thinks that the salary she got from her online shop can add the allowance in one month while she stayed at her boarding house.
Someone who inspired her is her roommate in boarding house. Her roommate has an online shop also, but she sells clothes. Before Miss Susan created her online shop, she becomes a reseller a product from her roommate.
Something which makes her interested to create her online shop is she can use her social media to doing promotion. She is so addicted of social media, especially instagram. So, she often posts her beauty cream to instagram to make the other people interested and buy her product.
Her income per-month is around 500.000 IDR when all of her products are sold out. But, if some of her products which are not sold out, she only got 300.000 IDR.
The profit that she got from her online shop is she knows many people who become as her customer. Then, she got the experience of do marketing to her friends. She surely got a salary from selling her product. She also applied paid before keep the product.

This picture is taken during an interview

Journalist : Inesrina Desy Andhini (140511100071)
Naily Maghfiroh (140511100069)
Lasya Febrina Fitri (140511100078)
Latifatul Khoffi (140511100074)
Alvi Khoiriyah (140511100086)

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