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Essay about Fashion : The Important Part of Fashion in Our Life

Let's Talk About Fashion! ^_^

Is Fashion Important?

            Fashion is a style or design which describe about the characteristic of people. According to Ben C. Fletcher (2013), what your clothes might be saying about you. It means what the clothes you wear say what the kind of person you are. Fashion can be a fun way for people to express their personality. Each area of the world has a different style of clothes. However, people can mix and match the style because of the cross-cultural between one country and the others. This is the reason why people can follow what kind of fashion that they are interested to. Therefore, fashion has a big effect in our life along with society and culture. This essay, anyhow, principally concerns about the important part of fashion in our life.

            All women in the world want to look more beautiful than the others. Even they must be update for searching the idea and explore the knowledge of fashion that they want to show in the public. People probably change the kind of fashion that they wear for several times, it depends on the situation. They try hard to combine what clothes that becomes presentable for them. However, they don’t want to put one’s foot in mix and match the clothes which make them become dirty-looking. So, they must keep one’s mind on what they do for it.

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            Sometimes, people have wrong perception about being fashionable. They think that being fashionable asks them to being trendy, elegant, and glamour. Therefore, they give a target for them to fulfill what they want to being fashionable, such as buy the expensive clothes and accessories to support their appearance. It means that fashion ask them to spending too much money. So, they have to know the way to manage their budget for buy the clothes and accessories which support their appearance in public. They don’t need to buy an expensive clothes or accessories to support their appearance. They only need clothes and accessories which have a good quality that makes them to be as fashionable as they can. After all, they must be selective to choose the clothes and accessories. One thing that they have to know is being fashionable doesn’t ask them to buy an expensive clothes or accessories. People can show to public if being fashionable means that they can mix and match the cheap clothes and accessories which have good quality to be as expensive as it seems. Therefore, they don’t need an expensive thing to make them being fashionable.

            According to the clothes or accessories which categorized as an expensive thing fulfill what they want to being fashionable, there is one of characteristic that must pay the attention for people. It is about the brand name of clothes or accessories which they wear to show in the public. Actually, people would like to wear a branded clothes or accessories for their life style. People who always show to the others when they wear the branded clothes or accessories in the public mean that they are rich people. The branded clothes or accessories can be a sign for them. Usually, people who always wear it mean that they want to keep their reputation and also their prestige. People who would like to do that called as socialites. The socialites make a group based on what the clothes or accessories which have collected by them. Then, they talk about it. The topic of the conversation is always about what kind of material which support the accessories or clothes and what a brand name of the clothes or accessories which they show to their group. The clothes or accessories with a popular brand are usually more expensive than the clothes or accessories with another brand which is not popular. One of the socialites from the group who doesn’t wear a branded clothes or accessories usually got bullying from the others. Therefore, they compare each other to be as fashionable as they can. But, there is an alternative way for socialites who can’t compare them with the others. They can buy the fake brands of the clothes or accessories which become popular in the public. Usually, clothes or accessories which have fake brands are cheaper than the clothes or accessories which categorized as branded things. Of course, it helps them to save their money.

            In this era, fashion can be the necessity of people. We can update our knowledge about fashion by spending our time to go to the mall. In other way, fashion gives some benefits which become the important part in our life.
            The first benefit is fashion can build self-confidence of people from their appearance. Self-confidence is extremely important in every aspect of our lives which makes some people struggle to find it. Sadly, most of them assumed that people who lack self-confidence can find it difficult to become successful. Confidence is a tricky little thing. Feeling good about ourselves is so easy to put at the will of others when it should only be up to us. Besides, we might be persuaded by people who speak clearly and answer the questions assuredly. Usually, confident people inspire confidence in others, such as their audience, their customers, and their friends. It is really different from self-conscious people who will not expose more about their ability. Actually, they can be worthy or give the respect for the others. They can do it by taking control of their life and self-confidences. By taking concrete actions that improve their ability and self-image, they can increase the self-confidence without the help of anyone else. Build the confidence is one of the key ways in which a self-conscious people find success. An alternative way to build the confidence is dress nicely. They will feel good about themselves when they wear nice clothes. They don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe to feel better in their clothes. As long as they are clean, comfortable, and feel good, they are set up for confidence.
            The second benefit is fashion helps shape culture and makes it recognizable. Fashion is one of the cultural barriers in society. It constantly changes the trends and so does individual lifestyles. Our society judges people by how they look and includes what they wear. How we dress, the shoes we wear, and the accessories we carry are influence the culture. Not only fashion influences culture, but also culture influences fashion. Culture has definitely changed as a result of fashions. Recent history can show us how fashion changes culture. Fashion can inspire artwork for a specific culture and people views on a culture. Culture is always changing, but fashion is responsible for part of it.
            The third benefit is we can use fashion as communication to the others. We can interpret fashion as non-verbal communication because it doesn’t mean that the mouth speaks or the words we wrote. In this era, people have used the language of dress to express personal things such as gender, ethnic, religion, and larger social. Every language has a vocabulary and grammar, which acts as rules of communicate with others. Fashion, just as any other language, has its own grammar. There are unspoken rules about what matches and what to wear in certain situations and what is unacceptable. While the words that replace the language of fashion includes hair styles, make up, jewelry, shoes, clothing, and accessories. Some people have vocabulary of clothing and can create the nice outfit to communicate different things at different times. Fashion plays the same role. Outfits, hair style, or make up may be appropriate at specific times and places. We may wear one thing in front of our parents and another thing with our friends. All clothing sends a message. We must understand how our clothing is a representation of who we are and what we communicate through what we wear.

            Economically, fashion gives career opportunities for the unemployment who are interested to fashion. They don’t have to become a designer or model to reach their dream. Fashion blogger recently becomes the trending job in this era. By using our personal blog, we can share about fashion by promoting the brand of the clothes. Then, the owners certainly pay for our job. It is a simple way for them to gives their recommendation of the clothes they liked.

            Fashion is important in our life. It gives some benefit for people. That is the reason why most of them are enthusiasm to talk about fashion. Fashion trends which always changes all the times make them competed to being fashionable. From the evidence above, I conclude that people should know how to put fashion by looking the important part of fashion.

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