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A Brief History of Bangkalan, Madura


Bangkalan originally comes from the words "Bangka" and "La-an" which means “Already died. The name is taken from the legend story about
“the death of Ke’ Lesap (the rebel)” in the West of Madura. After he conquered all of the Madurese region from the east started from Sumenep, Pamekasan and Sampang, then Ke’ Lesap along with his troops headed to Bangkalan to conquer it. Ke’ Lesap and all his troops won the battle and they settled in Bangkalan for a moment, but after some time Ke’ Lesap, which is the rebel of Bangkalan kingdom, was defeated and  killed. Starting with the attack force led by Cakraningrat V (the king of Bangkalan) then at the same time when Ke’ LesaP get killed, all Bangkalan people following the king they shouted and yelled together "Bangka-la'an" which means “finally it’s die!”. That exclamation words was finally immortalized to be the name of the west district in Madura Island which was succeed to beat Ke’ Lesap, the most powerful person in Madurese history.
The National Emblem of Bangkalan

The part of emblem have meanings, such as :

1.  THE SHIELD: The pentagonal shape of the lotus flower as a symbol of Bangkalan people devotion to the Pancasila and the quality of chivalry, Glory, Fraternity and Religius of local Bangkalan people.
2. THE YELLOW GOLD STAR: As the symbol of every single struggle of the people which always guided with their faith to the greatness of God Almighty.
3. THE WEAPONS (MANGGALA AND CAKRA): As the epitome of heroism in resisting the invaders in the past.  It’s subsequently inherited by the next generations in defending the establishment of the Indonesian Republic based on the UUD 1945 (Indonesian constitution) and Pancasila.
4. THE OCEAN: As a sign that Bangkalan is one of the part of Madura Island, which is bounded by the ocean from three different directions, as a symbol of great wisdom and as the spaciousness  in completing  their tasks and obligations.
5. THE ARROW AND IT’S BOW: As the symbol of the strong deternination in the scramble for the righteous and prosperous society in accordance with the purpose of the Proclamation of August 17, 1945.
6. THE FIRE (KONANG): As the symbol of the unremitting spirit of  Bangkalan  people.
7. COTTON: A total of 17 (seventeen) the date of Indonesian’s Independence Day.
8. GRAINS : A total of 45 (forty five)  the year Indonesian’s Independence Day.

The facts of Bangkalan :
Bangkalan is one of the four districts that is located in Madura Island.
•It is located in the west area of Madura.
•The total area of ​​Bangkalan is approximately 1,144 km2.
•Population: 900.000
•The boundaries of the area:
· North side: Java Sea
· East side: Sampang
· West side: Madura Strait
· South side: MaduraStrait
•Bangkalan region is divided into 18 sub-districts.
•The area code of Bangkalan: +62 31 or 031.
Slogan: Indra Cipta Dharma Cakti.
•Kamal harbor is the gateway  of Madura Island  which is connected Madura and Surabaya ( pelabuhan ujung).
• There are also Suramadu (Surabaya-Madura)  bridge which is the longest and the largest bridge in Indonesia and Glora Bangkalan stadium, the top best three stadium in Indonesia (based on the pitch quality) .
• Some tourism spot in Bangkalan: Rongkang Beach, Sambilangan beach, GegerHill, Aermata Grave, Siring kemuning Beach, Beautiful Garden, Batik Telaga Biru, Saichona Moh. Chollil’s boat, and The Magic Island.
• Some traditional food from Bangkalan : sewel (socah district), tajin sobih (sabiyan village), kucur, bebek sinjay (burneh district), rujak kambeng (arosbaya district), tes temon (sepulu district), rujak petis (bangkalan district), and many more.

If you wanna know more about Bangkalan, just visit there. Enjoy your vacation, mate! ^_^

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