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The Difference Between Education in UK & Education in Indonesia

            Education in UK was fixed by Department for Education and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills which combined the choice of lessons in accordance with your passion.

Education System in UK is divided into four grades. It consist of :

1. Primary Education = for student who has 5 – 11 years old. Usually, the school has 500 pupils.
2. Secondary Education = for student who has 11 - 16 years old. There were 1500 pupils there.
3. Further Education = for student who wanna take A-Levels, GNVQ, BTC.
4. Higher Education = for student who wanna get a great job as they want.

The Curriculum of Education in UK is consist of study program and ability for the lessons for all grades. In the second semester, student was taught about Mathematic, English, and Science by the teacher.

Every school in UK has same rules. There are :

1.      School start from 09.00 am – 03.30 pm.

2.      Students get 75 minutes per Lessons from teacher.

3.      Every school in UK has 20 minutes for break time.

4.      Teachers have private room and the students move to another room to continue the other lesson.

It seems different between education in Indonesia. The educational grades in Indonesia consist of :
1.      Basic Education = The duration is 9 years including 6 years in Primary School and 3 years in Lower Secondary School.

2.      Secondary Education = The type cover the broad fields of general, vocational,  religious, officials, and special education.

3.      Higher Education = This grades consists of academic and professional education

4.      Pre-School Education = It focuses of the development of attitude, knowledge, skills, and creative abilities.

5.      Out-of-School Education = Includes flexible course duration and study times an assessment procedures.

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