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Contoh Narrative Text (Based on My True Story)

A Traffic Accident

            A traffic accident was bad experience that happened to me. It happened twice in my life. The first accident happened when I was in the 1st grade of elementary school. Ok, I want to tell you about the chronology.
            12 years ago, I went home after I studied in my elementary school. I walked on the side street with my friend, Nita. We talked each other to relax myself. Even we felt that the distance of our school to our house was near. As we knew, the distance of our school to our house was far. Um, I couldn’t keep from missing my parents, especially my mom and my grandma who waited for me in my house while my dad worked at his office. We arrived at Nita’s house. Nita’s Mom gave me a biscuit. Afterwards, I asked permission to her to back home. She said “Be careful!” The distance of Nita’s house to my house was so near. My house is located in front of the side street. So, I must cross the road. But, there was a car parked next to me. It’s so disturbed me. I predicted that there was no car or motorcycle drove on there. Then, I heard horn from a motorcycle and the sound startled me. The driver asked me to keep away from him but it was impossible for me to do. “Help me!” I cried out. But nobody hear me. BRUKK! I felt so dizzy. I closed my eyes and I feel nothing. After several minutes, I opened my eyes. I looked at my mom and my grandma cry because of me. I asked them. “What happened with me?” But they only said, “Don’t worry. It’s going to be okay!” My neighbor looked at me with a worried expression. I found that we were in the public transport. The driver drove it to the hospital. I looked a man who hit me near my mom. He asked apology to my mom and he promised that he would account for the mistake. Then, we arrived in hospital. He brought me to Emergency Room. The doctor examined me. He said that I was concussed for several hours. My grandma blacked out for almost a minute. The nurse infused me and it was so painful. And yeah, I would have been there for several days when the expert medical treatment pulled me through. But I was happy because my dad and my young brother came to me. My dad brings me some snack. My young brother was sad and he prayed to me. “Get well soon!” He said. I was rooming with a man who had been the victim of Carok and a woman who contracted dengue fever. Every night, I heard a shout from him. He was delirious and nothing he said made sense. It was so disturbed me. Consequently, I couldn’t sleep. Otherwise the woman who had been rooming with me would move by her family to other room. “Huh, What a luckily she is!” I grumbled. But the next day, the nurse said that she passed away. I was shocked to hear that. Of course, I and my family prayed to her. I stayed in hospital for 2 weeks. I was so happy because my family greeted me enthusiastically.
            The second accident happened when I was in the 3rd grade of elementary school. My mom, my young brother, and I went to the store. My mom bought a uniform for my young brother because next week was the first day for him to studies at elementary school. We were bored in there, so we wait my mom in front of the store. We walked on the sidewalk. But we heard horn from a motorcycle. How shocked we were when we know that there was a motorcycle which drove on the sidewalk. The driver tried to stop his motorcycle but he can’t do it. Finally, the motorcycle hit me and my brother. We fell on the sidewalk. Some people brought our body. They gave us water. I was so shocked. My young brother cried. My mom was worrying us. A man who hit me and my young brother asked apology to my mom. He said that he was being drunk. Finally, he called masseuse for us.
            Yeah, it’s a traffic accident that happened to me. Maybe, the second accident was not too bad compared with the first accident. But I hope it doesn’t happen again in my life.


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